Volume 11 (2015)
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11.1Raymond J. JachowskiThe Death of Herod the Great and the Latin Josephus: Re-Examining the Twenty-Second Year of Tiberius
11.2Chris S. StevensJohn 9.38-39a: A Scribal Interjection for Literary Reinforcement
11.3David J. FullerFrom Prophet to Waiter: Habakkuk's Cameo Appearance in the Apocryphal Additions to Daniel
11.4Preston T. MasseyDress Codes at Roman Corinth and Two Hellenic Sites: What do the Inscriptions at Andania and Lycosura Tell Us about 1 Corinthians 11.2-16?
11.5Jonathan NumadaAristeas and Social Identity: Creating Similarity from Continued Difference
11.6Sunny ChenThe Distributive Singular In Paul: The Adequacy Of A Grammatical Category
11.7Woojin ChungThe Use of the Old Testament and the Synoptic Problem: An Analysis of Francis Watson's 'L/M Theory' as a Test Case
11.8Ryder WishartPaul and the Law: Mark Nanos, Brian Rosner and the Common-Law Tradition
11.9Christopher B. ZeichmannHerodian Kings and their Soldiers in the Acts of the Apostles: A Response to Craig Keener