Volume 19 (2023)
Tyler Hallstrom
Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY
Stephen’s speech has been regarded as a storm center in scholarship with one of the key issues centering on his use of the term χειροποίητος “handmade” in Acts 7:48. In determining Stephen’s view of the temple, whether indicating (1) a replacement of the temple, (2) a rejection and condemnation of the temple, or (3) an affirmation of God’s transcendence of the temple, scholarship has frequently appealed to the LXX use of χειροποίητος. However, a lacuna exists on how this decisive term was employed throughout not only the LXX specifically, but other Jewish and Greco-Roman sources more broadly. The present study examines the meaning of χειροποίητος throughout the corpora to enhance precision regarding how the term was employed and with a view toward assessing Stephen’s view of the temple.